Strategy in a chaotically organised world…

Slugger Consults is behind influential online projects like Slugger O’Toole and Digital Lunch. We develop paid content packages for one of the most successful blogs in Ireland and the UK, and “white box” engagement projects for larger media organisations.

We also offer help to organisations and businesses to help them understand and survive in a period of rapid change.

  • Digital coaching – Nothing can grow if the movers and shakers in your organisation are feeling insecure or confused. With nearly ten years of award winning online engagement we can help your executives
  • Strategic counsel – We help you see beyond speedy technological change and understand the context of political, social and economic change.
  • Thought leadership – Our powerful network of partners comprises thinkers, subject specialists, and cutting edge digital entrepreneurs. We can put you in the picture and ahead of the game.

“Learning is not compulsory… but neither is survival.” W Edwards Denning

Slugger Consults is the consultative agency of the award winning Slugger O’Toole blog. The consultancy runs separately from the blog and its contributing bloggers.  The agency offers quality, bespoke advice in exactly the terms you need it.