Situational leadership is like… surfing

Joesph Nye speaking at the Carnegie Council on situational leadership

The leader who develops contextual intelligence is a lot like a surfer. It’s the person who knows that if you get up on your board too soon you’re going to tip over and if you fail to get up on the board until too late you’re going to miss the wave. And that sense of when you move and how you move, what’s the context is absolutely essential as a skill…”

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Meeting the new media challenge requires a shift from work to conversational flows

This piece caught by ear this morning on RTE’s Morning Ireland news round up…

80pc of all Irish employees access social media at work, even though 40pc of companies have a ban on this. Most employees access these sites at work through their own devices like smartphones, rather than through office computers.

This means that banning staff from accessing social media at work is not practical, and companies should instead focus on setting realistic limits.

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After the bloggers come the networks of mavens

G+ Power ToolsMore of my time is spent in Google Plus these days than ever before. It’s an invaluable space, as I’ve written before, for the socialisable tools Google has brigaded in there. Continue reading

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What is truth? More importantly, why does it matter?

+Markham Nolan (or maybe +Markham Nolan) gave what he thought was a truthful answer to that question at TED and it seems he has been getting heat for it ever since.

SO, what is truth? It’s both simple and complex. But it is not always relative: Continue reading

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The New Factors Of Production: Time, Information and Capital

Brian Gentile guesting in Forbes magazine has a great outline of what Big Data, and it’s critical role in developing value in a post industrial business world..

“…land and labor have yielded to two more important factors – time and information. The third factor, capital, has been and will continue to be of primary importance in any Western-style, capitalistic economy.”

“Or perhaps more to the point, an enterprise’s ability to raise and efficiently deploy capital will continue in its historic prominence.”

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Digital illiteracy of our political and media elites is a generational thing

Writing slate 280_tcm4-560771From stone slate to silicon tablet and the importance of getting over a widespread platonic fear of the ‘digital mark’

It so happens that the generational progression in my family means that whilst my granddad started school in March 1879 in the first state school in his rural district, my youngest child has yet to start his formal education. So there’s 130 years between my son and my granddad’s first days at school. Continue reading

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“On newspaper opinion pages, including this one, a shrill keening sound can be heard…”

Today Hugh Linehan in the Irish Times today channels the commonplace American role of reader’s editor, taking on two of the papers most respected columnists, John Waters and Davy Adams. I think this goes in the lesson boxed marked write about you know (don’t write about what you don’t): Continue reading

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Coming to terms with the Internet will not entail switching it off, but facing and evaluating fears

Gavan Titley has it about right. Moral panic is about the best way to describe the latest outbreak of social media bashing in the Republic. The first political party in the south to take to the business of engaging online was Labour, as this report from Damien Mulley outlines. The first Twitter storm I witnessed was a spectacular one when Fianna Fail used Joe Rospers as blogger bait, and got burned for their efforts. Continue reading

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#Leveson: A mixed response to the British Press’s mass self indulgence

Worth waiting for Charlie Beckett to shoot down the idea that reforms in line with the current Irish system would suffice

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#DigitalLunch: Breaking the commercial pain barrier for digital journalism?

This is our third our regular #DigitalLunch #hangouts, but also our very first ‘on tour’ gig. We are being kindly hosted by +UTV, and we’ll kick off this week’s discussion with guest interviewee, UTV MD Michael Wilson. Continue reading

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